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Voting pictures as real or fake

OHJEET ja Tietosuoja

INSTRUCTIONS for advertisers

Hyvä Seksiseuraa-ilmoitus. Guide to a good dating ad.


Gentleman's guide for dating

VARO huijausta

BEWARE of scammers

A Gentleman's guide to sex dating

Herrasmiesopas seksiseuraa hakevalle finnish

"A gentleman is a gentleman also when looking for a sex date"

The following instructions are compiled from the feedback we have received. The purpose is to share the knowledge.
Trustworthiness and confidentiality

A gentleman understands the importance of confidentiality. Everything that happens between you two must remain your mutual secret. Trust is a two way street so you are also expected to respect her privacy and the need to protect herself.

Respect the woman's will

A gentleman respects the will of a woman always and in every situation. Respect her conditions and boundaries when communicating and during a meeting. Communication ends when she so decides, don't disturb her after that.

During the meeting, do not behave in a harsh manner or compel her in any way. Follow the instructions given by her. The meeting can end at any moment if she so decides. NEVER try to enforce your will or desires! This could even lead to a rape charge. Privacy laws never protect violent or criminal individuals and crimes against women will be reported to the police.

Safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

The purpose of safe sex is to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. A gentleman is always mindful to have safe sex. The most important thing is to use a condom. Condoms are used in both intercourse and oral sex.

A wise person always takes care of safe sex. In addition, he is regularly tested for STDs. No one who has ever had sex can be absolutely sure that there is no latent disease. Therefore, always use a condom. Without exceptions.

Agreeing on common rules

There are many kinds of people and wishes and desires do not always meet. If you have things that are important to you, bring them up to avoid any misunderstanding. Reality, wishes and expectations are best met when they are brought up before the first meeting. The most important thing is that everything goes well during the meeting and everybody is happy afterwards


"Ainoa tapa päästä viettelyksestä on antautua sille."
- Tuntematon

"Ei halu halaamalla lähde."
- Tuntematon

"Herrasmiessääntöjen mukaisesti sikari ja nainen riisutaan aina ennen käyttöä."
- Juhani Palmu

"Uskon että seksuaalisuus on kaiken ystävyyden perusta."
- Jean Cocteau

"Nautinto on hetkellistä, asento naurettava ja kustannukset kohtuuttomat."
- Lordi Chesterfield

"Teologiaa ja seksiä lukuunottamatta ei ole oikeastaan mitään puheenaiheita."
- Harold J. Laski

"Liian moni aviopari sopeutuu sukupuolielämässään asemaravintolan vanhaan mainokseen: kiireessä kelpaa huonokin ruoka."
- Matti J. Kuronen

"Älä koskaan laske aviomiestä liian kauas, äläkä poikamiestä liian lähelle."
- Helen Rowland

"Kannan kekoon oman hintinkorteni."
- Allen Ginsberg"



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